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Represent is a growing international web agency based in Norway (Oslo + Bergen), Croatia, Poland, and Austria.

We're currently a team of 12 focused on design, frontend development, system architecture and integrations.

We specialise in Sanity CMS + headless Shopify and aim to be the world's #1 Sanity agency.

We're always looking for thinkers who push us to do better and are a joy to work with.

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We build

We design and develop high-end websites and online brand stores for businesses that regard their online storefront as key to their long-term success and growth.

We are experts at developing custom websites on Sanity CMS with the Next.js / React.js frameworks.

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A team legend 🔥

Rather than listing the whole team, let's pay tribute to one superhero on our team. Please give it up for the one and only: Peter (aka Piotr Grzyb).

Peter has been on the Represent team for 10+ years. A loyal friend and colleague to the end, he spreads his awesome on a daily basis and has earned this attention 💜

After ten years at Represent, it's incredibly inspiring to see the kind of enthusiasm Peter can bring to the table. Have a look at the delivery of a new feature to a client below. We're so proud of Peter and hey, we love you, man!

Screenshot from Slack.

The finesse is just beyond... ✅  enthusiasm like no other,✅  text formatting to control focus, a✅  feature video walkthrough,✅  ridiculous humor that would put a smile on anyone's face, and last but not least the✅  highest quality of work behind the scenes.

Peter is an epic human being who has spent the last 10 years growing from a young freelance frontend developer to a full-time (super old) king of awesome who manages clients and projects like a true champion. Clap-clap 👏🏻👏🏻

Peter learns.
Peter builds better.
Peter inspires.
Peter has fun.

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We're looking for thinkers who push us to do better and are a joy to work with.

We're curious, open, engaged, constructive, clear, caring, and knowledgable. Are you?

Open positions

Senior frontend developers

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Europe (remote)
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Part- or full-time (min 60%)

Looking for frontend developers to work closely with our design and tech team to develop high-end websites and web applications. You should be positive by nature, solution-oriented, and have excellent communication skills. High on our wish list is a frontend dev who’s a real CSS/UX nerd who loves creating amazing user experiences.


We focus on building solutions based on Sanity headless CMS (no prior experience required) with Next.js / React.

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Portrait photo of Øyvind Østmo

Øyvind Østmo

Agency Manager
+47 901 38 781
[email protected]

Portrait photo of Alexander Sundli-Härdig

Alexander Sundli-Härdig

CTO / Advisor
+47 411 22 411
[email protected]