Staaker is a great example of how our efficient and creative approach to solving problems really comes into play. As most startups, resources were scarce, so we had to make as much as possible out of as little as possible. We decided on Webflow as the web platform for a couple of reasons. First: We get to create exactly what we believe to be right, without any templates. Second: We don't waste time writing any code! Third: We work "content first" creating the structure and CMS (content management system) first, so we and the client can start working with real content fast.

For e-commerce we started out with Celery for pre-ordering, and when Staaker was ready to ship, we integrated the Webflow platform with Shopify in minutes to handle sales.

It's great to see Norwegian startups kick ass like this, and we continue to work with Staaker and push boundaries.

Staaker on different devices
Staaker image and illustration of the tracker
Staaker website on different devices
Staaker image, quick and easy setup.
Staaker drone and tracker
Staaker icon design
Staaker image, compact and portable.
Staaker website on ipad.
Staaker image, robust and durable.
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