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A high-end on-demand development team for agencies

We partner and integrate with design, advertisement, and communications agencies as their high-end development team.

We integrate our team into yours from the sales process through strategy, design and development.
A partnership with us comes with no commitment and we do our very best to be a joy to work with.
Represent is your on-demand tech team.

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A few design and advertisement agencies we have the pleasure of working with

An extension of your team

We have been deep into design and technologies for two decades. The last four years Represent has focused on becoming the ideal extended tech muscle for our partner agencies.

Before narrowing our focus on technology, Represent used to be a combined design and tech agency for 10 years, so we think we're especially well suited to form partnerships and tightly knit processes with other agency.

We're seeing a growing need for our skillset and way of working, so we're now hiring more skilled developers to join forces with new partners.

Integrated team vs "handover"

Most development partners work separately from the agencies they work with. Typically there's a "hand-over" of a design/brief to developers to implement. Especially using "remote" development resources, this approach is cheaper but often produce sub par results and headaches.

We think it is crucial that design and development work together as one team from the start.

Technology and design choices affect one another so we make sure to have tightly knit processes all the way from sales to the finished product.

Enabling our partners

We like to enable our partners to do more and to do better in both design and business.

  • We are there for you all the way - from sales and strategy through design and development.
  • Training designers in Webflow to enable them to do more and build basic websites in-house.
  • Educating designers on technology so they can make smarter design choices.

Welcoming new partners 👋

After 10 years as an integrated design and development agency and 4 years of partnering with design, communications, and advertisement agencies, we are ready to scale our model as an on-demand development team for agencies.

Get in touch with us to have a chat about how we can work together. We're excited!

Let's talk about it

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You are more than welcome to stop by our Oslo office at Møllergata 6 or we can have a digital coffee and explore opportunities :)

Portrait photo of Øyvind Østmo

Øyvind Østmo

Agency Manager
+47 901 38 781
[email protected]

Portrait photo of Alexander Sundli-Härdig

Alexander Sundli-Härdig

CTO / Advisor
‍+47 411 22 411
[email protected]