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Get a much faster website! Over 50% of mobile visitors leave your site if it takes more than 3s to load.

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Get started with a limited budget if you can cover your business needs in the near future without code.

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Very affordable cloud-based hosting and world-class operations that scale automatically.

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It's rare to come across a technology supplier you have fun working with. Represent is one of the few! They delivered a new website in record time, very punctually, and helped us improve our existing plans with their thoughts and views. I highly recommend them!

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Thomas Walle
Thomas Walle

Meet Webflow - our favorite "no-code" website builder

We believe Webflow has "just the right size building blocks" that allow us to build websites exactly the way we want them without too many restrictions. In contrast, platforms like Squarespace have "large building blocks" that are difficult to modify.

Webflow - user experience

Better user experiences

It is easy to build great user experiences through customized design, interaction, and animation in Webflow. We work quickly in a visual interface.

Webflow on-page editor

Simple on-page content editing

We set up content collections in Webflow CMS where the editor can easily add new articles, employees, etc. It is also possible to edit content visually directly on the website.

Webflow vs Wordpress performance

Superior permance and speed

Good performance and loading times are critical for user experience and how Google ranks your site. With Webflow, we get to be part of a world-class global technical infrastructure!

Webflow automated coding

Automated coding

The most obvious advantage of "no-code" is that Webflow automatically writes the code in the background. We save a lot of time and money by not having to deal with code in development.

Let our Webflow experts guide you

Over the past 20+ years, we have developed web solutions on all imaginable platforms and technologies. We have experienced the pain that comes with old-fashioned platforms like WordPress, the limitations of platforms like Squarespace, and the mess that comes with flexible platforms like Wix. "Do it yourself" website builders have many pitfalls for users who lack experience with web development.

Since we started developing no-code web solutions with Webflow, life has been joyful both for us at Represent and all of our satisfied customers.

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10 years of experience with Webflow
We have been developing light and fast websites with Webflow for almost 10 years! It started with our own website, which at the time was hand-coded. Now, we develop and experiment at a much faster pace.

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Working with startups and enterprises
We build websites in Webflow for companies of all sizes. Our ongoing collaboration with AutoStore has been a fantastic journey, including Norway's largest IPO in two decades with a $12.4 billion valuation!

We are incredibly proud of our team!

Alexander and Øyvind are our senior advisors with 20+ years of experience in business, design, and technology. We love helping businesses succeed online!

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Profile picture of Alexander

Our design team solves any challenge from architecture to striking visual user experiences. We are especially proud of Josipa - a powerhouse (and university professor) in UX design.

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Portrait of Josipa Prsa Segota
Profile picture of Øyvind

We are currently a team 11 developers, including 4 Webflow specialists. Our developers and designers work closely together.

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Explore opportunities with us

Success stories are made with great people!

Our job is more than just design and coding; we strive to help businesses like yours succeed online. We focus on understanding your company's needs and creating tailored solutions that provide real results. We've been privileged to work with many amazing companies:

Design av webside for AutoStore


AutoStore found us when they were looking for Webflow experts a few years ago. We developed their comprehensive web solution, as well as their investor portal in preparation for Norway's largest IPO in two decades with a $12.4 billion valuation!

Unacast website thumbnail


Unacast had been struggling to finish their new website on Craft CMS for six months. When they came to us with the challenge of custom designing and developing their new website in a matter of a couple of weeks, we got it done thanks to Webflow!


It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Represent and their fantastic team! We have been working together to build a new version of our video streaming product and landing page using Sanity CMS, and they have made the entire process easy and effortless. From the onset, we knew that their professionalism, collaboration, and integrative approach was going to be a great fit for our project. They have gone above and beyond to make sure that everything met our expectations, and they have done it in a truly collaborative way. Their input and guidance have been invaluable throughout the entire process, and we are very pleased with the results!

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Helder Granja
Helder Granja
VP of Media Operations

An open and transparent process with everything in one place

It should be easy and fun to work with Represent. We have an open and inclusive process, and everything from timelines and tasks to a dedicated help center with video training is available to everyone involved. Please take a look at the video example below to see how we provide training during the project:

Represent client helpdesk in Notion

Now that you've gotten to know us at Represent a little bit, we would love to get to know you, your business, and how we can work together to help you succeed! Send us a message and we'll schedule a time to meet :)

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