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Lightweight websites on Webflow

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Webflow is the perfect fit for lightweight websites where custom development is not needed or required.

Webflow lets us build websites visually. We use the same techniques but we don't spend time writing the code. If the scope, scale, or functional needs of a website requires a step up, we develop custom high-end websites on Sanity headless CMS with the Next.js / React frameworks in front.

Knowing when to use Webflow

There are plenty of businesses and projects that have no need for the advantages of a custom-developed website. If the needs of the business can be covered for the next year or two with the features of Webflow, that can reduce the initial investment by 50-75% compared to custom development on Sanity and React.js / Next.js.

Here are the typical reasons that make us recommend businesses to go for Webflow rather than custom development with Sanity CMS.

(and here is a list of 15 typical reasons to take the leap from Webflow to Sanity)


Functional requirements

If a platform like Webflow covers all the functional needs for your website now and in the near future, we will recommend this lightweight approach instead of custom development on Sanity.


Early prototypes and testing

For early-stage startups and companies who need to test concepts that will evolve rapidly and potentially get dropped, building great websites and user experiences on Webflow is a great way to go. Within the limitations of Webflow, we can build exactly what we want how we want it, so it's an amazing tool for prototyping.



Sometimes we simply can't afford what we want or should have. If a custom high-end website that would be perfect for your business costs 300k NOK and your budget is 100k NOK, it just might not work out. We will help you evaluate if the benefits of going custom will cover an increased investment short term or if it's better to start simple with Webflow and re-evaluate in the future.

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The lightweight but powerful no-code alternative to custom web development.

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