A couple of years after we designed a new identity and website for Unacast, they came back to us with an "extreme challenge". Preparing for a new product launch, a previous 6 months effort to get a new website ready had failed. They needed immediate assistance to get a site ready in 10 days. The scope of the project would typically mean a 2-3 month timeline. We took the challenge, assembled a team of 3 designers and developers, and worked in shifts to get the site ready for launch. We had a bunch of fun with internal challenges! Early on in the process, we pitched Unacast that we should implement the site in Webflow instead of Craft CMS that they had started on for the new site. We do love Craft as well, but only use it if needed. The content-first approach and extreme efficiency of working in Webflow was the most important factor in solving this challenge on time, not having to touch code at all. Read more about the transition from servers, code, and all the headache that follows, to the "age of no-code" (and why you probably shouldn't use Wordpress) in this article.

About Unacast

Unacast is a prominent player in the Norwegian startup scene, mapping the physical world through sensor data, like Facebook did in digital. Read more about Unacast here.


It's rare to come across a technology supplier you have fun working with. Represent is one of the few! They delivered a new website in record time, very punctually, and helped us improve our existing plans with their thoughts and views. I highly recommend them!

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Thomas Walle
Thomas Walle
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