The agency & our services

Represent is a strategic design and development agency based in Oslo, Norway.

For 10 years, we have helped businesses succeed and empowered brands, with insight and meaningful design and use of technology.

Having worked with a wide array of different brands and business models, we offer unique perspectives on the intersection between business, brand, product, design and tech.

What we believe

A few thoughts on business and life.

Never stop asking “Why?”

Asking “why?” helps us understand the root cause of things instead of just accepting them as they are, so we can change things for the better. That may include breaking some established rules and norms.

Know yourself

We believe in always questioning and analysing our thoughts and actions. We are our own perfect research subjects to better understand why people do what they do, and improve our ability to solve problems.

Know what you don't know

Being aware of our own limitations, allows us to form a system around us to make ourselves complete. We surround ourselves with amazing people and teams to represent a safe path to success.

Efficiency is key

Efficiency is one of very few ways to “create more time”, and we all need more time. Time in itself is a problem worth solving. 
At RR efficiency is at the core of everything we do. We believe in competing against ourselves rather than the competition.

Life at Represent

We try not to take life too seriously. Curiosity and playfulness triggers better ideas and builds better businesses.

What we do


Brand Strategy
Business Development

For 10 years, we have been helping build and improve the businesses and brands for some amazing companies. This experience in working with such a wide variety of business models and brand strategies enables us to bring something new to the table more often than not.

Design / Digital

Brand Identity
Communication Strategy
Digital products

Together we can craft powerful tools for your brand. Whether you need a website or a digital product/service, we will be your trusted partner to bring your vision to life.
We use tools like Craft CMS, Webflow or custom development depending on the project.

Øyvind Østmo

Manager / Advisor
+47 901 38 781

Alexander Sundli-Härdig

+47 24 20 00 48