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Get a much faster website! Over 50% of mobile visitors leave your site if it takes more than 3s to load.

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Modern technology for safe growth. Nerd? We're talking Sanity headless CMS + React/Next.js + Vercel.

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Very affordable cloud-based hosting and operations that scale from the smallest websites to giants like NRK.

Build like the best with Sanity CMS
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We needed a new website. Found this team and highly recommend working with them! They guided us through the entire process with crystal clear communication and deliverables. They were precise on all milestones, super friendly dialogue and we are very satisfied with the website. Highly recommended :-)

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Carl-Axel Storheim
Carl-Axel Storheim
Sales and marketing director

Meet Sanity - the market-leading "headless CMS"

Sanity is a fast, flexible, and user-friendly product for both content editors and developers. We recommend Sanity CMS based on more than 20 years of experience with various content platforms, as well as a long-term evaluation of the company, product, and technology.

Google lighthouse speed test score with 100/100 for a headless Shopify + Sanity CMS online store.

Modern, high-speed websites

Combining Sanity with the latest and best frontend technology and cloud storage results in fast load times. We often achieve 100/100 in performance tests measured with Google's Lighthouse.

Screenshot of realtime collaboration in Sanity Studio.

Unmatched collaboration

In Sanity Studio, multiple editors can work on the same content at the same time. In practice, we see  editorial teams abandoning Word documents and working on content directly in the CMS.

Skjermbilde av flyt av innhold i Sanity Studio i kanban visning som Trello.

Unlimited flexibility

"Sanity Studio," which is what Sanity calls its editorial interface, is open-source and gives us complete freedom to customize the interface and integrate external services.

Screenshot of Sanity Studio live website preview where the editor works with content.

Control your content and brand

In Sanity, content is structured completely separate from the presentation layer such as websites, apps, newsletters, etc. We ensure the correct appearance in the code, and the content can live through iterations of design and structure.

Leading Sanity experts

We have spent the past 20+ years at Represent developing web solutions on a wide array of platforms and technologies. We have experienced the pain that comes with outdated platforms like Wordpress, the limitations of platforms like Squarespace, and the mess that comes with flexible platforms like Wix. "Do-it-yourself" website builders have many pitfalls unless you know exactly what you're doing.

Since we started developing websites headless Shopify stores with Sanity with modern web technologies, life has been joyful both for us at Represent and all of our satisfied customers.

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The first Sanity partner
When Sanity was building its official partner network, Represent was at the top of the list. We have a close collaboration with the team at Sanity, who are happy to provide advice in our client projects.

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Clients all over the world
We build websites for businesses and much more in Sanity, including a complex e-commerce site for the sale of racing wheels in Silicon Valley and the world's greenest video streaming service in Amsterdam.

We are incredibly proud of our team!

Alexander and Øyvind are our senior advisors with 20+ years of experience in business, design, and technology. We love helping businesses succeed online!

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Profile picture of Alexander

Our design team solves any challenge from architecture to striking visual user experiences. We are especially proud of Josipa - a powerhouse (and university professor) in UX design.

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Portrait of Josipa Prsa Segota
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We are currently a team of eight developers who specialize in Sanity and React/Next.js. Our developers and designers work closely together, and Robert on the right over there also has a UX design master's degree!

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Success stories are made with great people!

Our job is more than just design and coding; we strive to help businesses like yours succeed online. We focus on understanding your company's needs and creating tailored solutions that provide real results. We've been privileged to work with many amazing companies:

Skjermbilder fra webløsning for Amsterdam-basert videostrømmingstjeneste med Sanity CMS.
Skjermbilde fra innholdstyper for video streaming tjeneste i Sanity Studio.

An environmentally-focused interactive streaming service

At the top of the list of inspiring clients we work with is a WaterBear - European environmentally-focused interactive streaming service. We push the flexibility of Sanity CMS to the limit as we build both the marketing website and the advanced content structure for the new version of their service.

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It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Represent and their fantastic team! We have been working together to build a new version of our video streaming product and landing page using Sanity CMS, and they have made the entire process easy and effortless. From the onset, we knew that their professionalism, collaboration, and integrative approach was going to be a great fit for our project. They have gone above and beyond to make sure that everything met our expectations, and they have done it in a truly collaborative way. Their input and guidance have been invaluable throughout the entire process, and we are very pleased with the results!

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Helder Granja
Helder Granja
VP of Media Operations
Skjermbilder fra webløsning for med Sanity CMS.

Built for speed and search (SEO)

Manymore came from a "Wordpress nightmare" and wanted a fast and search engine optimized solution on Sanity. We worked together through strategy, design, and development. The team at Manymore was very satisfied with both the process and the result!

Skjermbilder fra webløsning for  Loomis Norge med Sanity CMS.

50% of Norwegian cash

Loomis handles the cash for over half of the Norwegian retail market. We assisted with strategy, design, and development of their new website in their new venture into card payment solutions. Another happy journey from Wordpress to Sanity :)

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Represent has been easy to work with throughout to project, with excellent communication, structure, and processes. They worked closely with our product and marketing teams to further develop our design language and build engaging storytelling. The web solution was built using Sanity CMS in a way that has given our team the tools and control we need to build and grow on our own, confident that the platform is guiding us in the right direction.

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Kyrre Andersen
Kyrre Andersen
Marketing director

An open and transparent process with everything in one place

It should be easy and fun to work with Represent. We have an open and inclusive process, and everything from timelines and tasks to a dedicated help center with video training is available to everyone involved.

Now that you've gotten to know us at Represent a little bit, we would love to get to know you, your business, and how we can work together to help you succeed! Send us a message and we'll schedule a time to meet :)

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