Loomis has handled cash in society since the wild west, handling more than half of the Norwegian retail market. In 2022 we helped them launch a combined cash handling and card payments offering, where they partnered with Aera which already handles about 50% of all card transactions in Norway.

It was an interesting challenge from the start. Among other challenges, we had to figure out if both offerings could live on a single website. The Loomis team is a true joy to work with and we successfully launched their new web platform in April 2022 as the beginning of a wider digital strategy.

We worked with Loomis on strategy, brand story, UX/UI design and web development.


We developed the site using our goto "tech stack" consisting of Sanity CMS and the Next.js and React.js frameworks frontend. This keeps the door open to build integrations to their services and anything that might come up in the future.

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