Our work with Alfa started in 2012, and we're still going strong. We kicked it off by developing a new brand strategy, visual identity, and webshop, including integrations to their ERP system. When we relaunched Alfa, we saw a 4x increase in conversion on their website overnight! The same products, the same amount of visitors, no new marketing efforts, and four times the revenue.

Our project goes down in our agency's history as the best (and craziest) solid proof of how much impact well-planned and executed design, technology, and user experience can have on a business. A 4x increase in conversions. That's just ridiculous. And it kept going strong, reaching the total revenue goal for 2013 in only four months.

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Alfa website and products on different devices. Imac, ipad and iphone.
Alfa stationary. Letter, businesscards and notebook.
Alfa profile on stand, car and clothes.
Alfa workbook
Alfa images, logo and shoe
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