Manymore helps companies like Foodora and Porterbuddy verify, onboard and pay their workforce.

We helped build their new marketing website in parallel with their product team developing their new product suite to be launched together in one big blast 🎉

The process included a deep dive into the Manymore business, developing the brand story, design, and web development. 

Our top objectives were optimizing for speed and SEO. The results were top-notch, as shown in the Google Lighthouse tests further down.


We developed the site using our goto "tech stack" consisting of Sanity CMS with Next.js + React in the frontend, hosted on Vercel. The results are fast, flexible, and future-proof.


Represent has been easy to work with throughout to project, with excellent communication, structure, and processes. They worked closely with our product and marketing teams to further develop our design language and build engaging storytelling. The web solution was built using Sanity CMS in a way that has given our team the tools and control we need to build and grow on our own, confident that the platform is guiding us in the right direction.

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Kyrre Andersen
Kyrre Andersen
Marketing director
Scerenshot showing the Manymore homepage
Mobile scerenshots showing the Manymore website
Scerenshots showing the Manymore website
Screenshots showing Google Lighthouse performance test results
Scerenshot showing the Manymore editor interface in Sanity CMS
Scerenshot showing the Manymore editor interface in Sanity CMS with split panes for live preview
Scerenshot showing the Manymore editor interface in Sanity CMS with a complex price structure editing experience
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