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Hundreds of businesses rate Sanity CMS as better than Contentful in side-by-side comparison

Øyvind Østmo
Written by
Øyvind Østmo
March 21, 2022
Sanity vs Contentful reviews comparison.

We have been developing websites on both Contentful and Sanity CMS here at Represent. After a lot of hands-on experience, we eventually decided that we will be the Sanity experts, and choose not to work with Contentful or other similar headless CMS options.

After being reviewed by hundreds of businesses each, Sanity scores a healthy 4.8 of 5 stars vs Contentful at 4.3. This confirms our own experience, and we feel safe continuing to onboard customers to Sanity. We are also very excited about the bright future of Sanity after their recent $39M Series B funding round.

Why we choose Sanity over Contentful at Represent

Here are the main reasons Represent stays with Sanity, and you can see the detailed side-by-side comparison at here.

See the comparison at

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