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Webflow valued at $4 billion a year after raising a $140 million series B

Øyvind Østmo
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Øyvind Østmo
Feb 16, 2022
Webflow raises $140 million series b

When no-code website builder Webflow raised their $72 million Series A in August 2019, we were more confident than ever that their team and product would be a safe bet going forward.

Their growth has kept going at a healthy rate and Webflow currently has about 600 employees. In January 2021 they closed a $140 million Series B round of funding. As of March 2022, Webflow is nearing $100 million in yearly recurring revenue. Nearing its Series C round of funding, the company is now valued at $4 billion.

That's a lot of (huge) numbers, that translate to us feeling safe to continue building our lightweight websites on Webflow going forward.

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