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Sanity rated #1 headless CMS on G2 summer 2022

Øyvind Østmo
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Øyvind Østmo
Aug 10, 2022

Choosing the right platform to structure and manage the content for your business is critical and should be based on more than the opinion of one or a few individuals. That's where comes into play, letting you compare platforms side-by-side based on verified reviews from businesses worldwide.

Based on reviews from several hundred companies, Sanity is the leading headless CMS in the world. Congratulations! Sanity's position makes us happy here at Represent as we keep grinding to be the leading Sanity experts in the world. Google already seems to think so 🔥 and we get requests about Sanity development on a weekly basis.

What's a headless CMS?

With a “headless” CMS like Sanity, the content of your business is stored as structured data, totally separate from the presentation. 

This allows you to distribute your content to the web, emails, apps, social media, anywhere.

It also means that when it's time to design and develop a brand new website, your content can live on and be presented in the new solution without starting from scratch. 

What can you build on Sanity?

We build structured content in Sanity that can be distributed across platforms and applications. We have built everything from simple websites to advanced custom headless Shopify stores, and we're just getting started to build the content structure for a Netflix-like video streaming service.

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