The Norwegian Boarders Association

We built the new website for the Norwegian Boarders Association (Snow Skate Surf) to serve the athletes, but also the interests of sponsors as an essential source of revenue for the association. We made sponsor-specific landing pages, leveraging the powerful content relations it Webflow. It was an exciting challenge to approach it as a "multi-site" (3 sites side by side for the 3 sports) within a single website in Webflow. The project was solved way within time and cost estimates, the platform is super easy to use for the staff at Brettforbundet, and we don't have to touch code at all. Read more about the transition from servers, code, and all the headache that follows, to the "age of no-code" (and why you probably shouldn't use Wordpress) in this article.

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Øyvind Østmo

Agency Manager

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