Helly Hansen


We've been going steady with Helly Hansen since 2009, working with graphics for their clothing lines. Our key challenge with the Helly Hansen projects is to constantly produce fresh visual concepts, while staying true to their brand and heritage. We've worked on collections like technical sailing, marine lifestyle, Ask & Embla, outerwear, kids and training. At the time of writing we have delivered about 20 different collections for Helly Hansen, and we are thrilled that they keep coming back for more.

Helly Hansen logo on fabric
Helly Hansen graphics
Helly Hansen graphics, clothing and nature
Helly Hansen graphics
Helly Hansen climbing image, graphic map of the scandinavian archipelago
Helly Hansen graphics of marstrand sailing port. China, sweden, australia, italy and north america
Helly Hansen sailing image, HH t-shirt and shors.
Helly Hansen hydropower pro sailing, graphics. Tramon tane, boreas, auster, eurus, zephyrus.
Helly Hansen sailing image and clothes
Helly Hansen world map graphics
Helly Hansen kids graphics, t-shirt.
Helly Hansen graphics
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