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Experience an exciting world from the treetops! Høyt & Lavt builds and manages climbing parks, which consist of various types of courses in the trees, with varying lengths and difficulties. Their climbing park in Vestfold is Scandinavia's largest!Our role has been to help H&L professionalize and package their concept into a solid franchise. They are now duplicating their success story in several new parks. Our work has included a full rebranding and multi-site/multilingual web solution. We have had a lot of fun creating this new playful platform for H&L, and enjoy an ongoing relationship helping out with further design and development as well as setting up new parks with the "full package".

While working with RR, Høyt & Lavt has stepped up from being a startup to becoming a professional franchise. Design and web, as strategic elements, have given H&L a solid foundation for growth (from 1 to 9 parks to date) and significantly increased the value of our brand and business.”
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Høyt & Lavt website on different devices. Imac, ipad, iphone and macbook pro.
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Høyt & Lavt website on macbook pro
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Høyt & Lavt website on macbook pro and iphone
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