The Norwegian Designers Association

We were incredibly honored to be invited and ultimately chosen to design and develop the new website for the Norwegian Designers Association. We also worked through strategy development, building value for members and recruiting. In addition to the informational function of the site, we developed an integrated member platform, a searchable designer database, a student database with portfolios for agencies looking for talent, as well as a solution for matching students with mentors. We were able to solve all these challenges through creative use of Webflow, including integrations with MemberStack, UploadCare, Stripe, and Zapier.

A project of this scale, featuring fairly elaborate integrations, would easily take a few hundred hours with traditional tools and coding.

Using Webflow, we were able to get it done in half the time and cost, giving the Norwegian Designers Association a far better tool than they could otherwise afford. Read more about the transition from servers, code, and all the headache that follows, to the "age of no-code" (and why you probably shouldn't use Wordpress) in this article.

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Øyvind Østmo

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